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If you get a flat tire while driving, you should immediately pull over to an area isolated from traffic. Driving on a flat tire can cause damage to the wheel or cause you to lose control of your truck entirely. If you pull over but find yourself unable to change the tire on your own, we can help. Our knowledgeable staff is equipped with the right tools to replace your flat tire with a spare tire. If we arrive on-site to replace your tire but you don’t have a spare tire in your truck, we can remove your flat tire and replace it with a new or used tire. We strive to respond with speed and efficiency, so give us a call. We’ll work hard to have you back on the road in no time.

We proudly service the Flat Tire Repair needs of customers in Cleveland, Conroe, Porter, Livingston, Splendora, New Caney,Humble, Houston and surrounding areas.

Highway 105 Tire Co of Cleveland, Texas wants to get you back on the road fast and simple with an affordable set of quality Retread tires. Whatever your needs we have recapped tires for commercial trucks and trailers. We bring together the best tire retreading technology with experienced tire and retread professionals to make sure you are getting the safe and smooth ride you deserve at an affordable price.

Each of our tires goes through a strict inspection process to guarantee customers will get the most life out of their new recapped tire purchase.

Recapped tires offer an affordable, economical and environmentally friendly alternative to buying brand new tires. Drive away with peace of mind, added reliability and savings.


Retread tires are growing in popularity thanks to their cost efficiency, environmental friendliness, and
quality performance. But how exactly does retread work?

Rigorous inspection process.
At Highway 105 Tire Co of Cleveland, TX, we begin the process of recapping by putting casings through our quality inspection process. This ensures that every piece of material placed into the remold process fits our high standards to ensure quality performance.

After a tire passes inspection, we run it through the buffing process, which eliminates the old tread, revealing what we call the “undertread.” The freshly buffed surface is what allows us to recap the tire with quality material for reliable performance.

Next, the wrapping process places new tread atop the freshly buffed surface. We computer-balance each tire, ensuring quality tires that will perform under high stress in any environment. We then “cure” the tire, adding a new tread design.

Final inspection.
The final stage of the recapping process tests the tires to ensure that they’re equipped with better grip, improved reliability, and top-grade tire performance. This is why our customers can rely on our tires time and time again.

Our refined process of recapping tires is designed to ensure a high quality, environmentally product that is available at a competitive price. At Highway 105 Tire Co of Cleveland, TX, we’re passionate about creating. This is why we’re focused on reliable, top-grade tires at an affordable price!

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Wanna save big? We make it easy to find the right tires!

We stock a strong selection of new tires for construction and industrial equipment, including:
Skid Loader Tires
Back Hoe Tires
Forklift Tires
And More


Lower your cost-per-mile save money and fuel, retreads perform like new tires at the fraction of the cost,we have many specialized tread designs for all kinds of applications. All retreads are produced under rigorous inspection and quality control standards. Retreads are dependable, reliable and used by most major fleets. Retreading is recycling.

Commercial Tire Inventory

We keep hundrens of commercial used tires in stock, and if we don't have what you need in our warehouse, we can order tires to your specifications.

we can provide tire installation and service at your job site or at our facility in Cleveland, TX. We understand that the time lost due to breakdowns costs money, and we will be there, when you need us.

Fleet Maintenance
We can evaluate your fleet regardless of size to save you thousands. Since we sell new, used, and new recapped tires we will suggest what your company truly needs to get the most of your current tire inventory. Unlike other companies who will point you in the direction they need, Corporate Tire will suggest what is truly needed and what's in your company's best interest